the Operating System

  • Operating System
    an exploration of physics, science literacy, art, & star stuff.
  •  Please see this interactive project in motion:

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  • All things dissolved into a field of moving lights, energetic and dancing in their constructions, appearing, dissipating, floating, and coming together again, circles of motions. The Great System breathes into eternity; operating, operating.

    It is a mode of transcendence, a new sublime. Traditional understanding is image-based, but the Operating System is a deconstruction of that world-image into into a system-of-parts; an immense complexity that contains itself.

    "It's like the Universe screams at you, 'Do you know what I am? How grand I am? How old I am? Can you even comprehend what I am? What are you, compared to me?' And when you know enough science, you can just smile up at the Universe and reply, “Dude, I am you. ... I... stepped out of a supernova."
    { Phil Hellenes: "Science Saved my Soul" }


    Expectations of the observed have everything to do with theory, thus if we perceive in terms of comparison to ourselves and the Newtonian, directly-palpable object-world of image-things (say, the Man, the Tree, and the Telephone) then we neglect to allow for the inherent complexities within those things and between them — in their relations to one another.
  •  Cosmic Calendar. Autumn 2011.

    A graphical representation of the history of the Universe, from the center (the Big Bang) until now (the outermost circle). Each ring's width pertains to the speed of expansion at that time.

    Order from center outwards:
    Big Bang, 1 billion years, 3 bil yrs, 6 bil yrs, 9 bil yrs, 13 bil yrs, 14 bil yrs.

  • Far-long ago, in a distant space-time, a n0thing exploded over eons, rippling into the here-now.

    Over billions of years, anxious bits vibrated into "being", in every direction stacking and multiplying, creating branches of { Unimportance },of complexity and necessity, until, eventually, that explosion became themselves. It could See, it could finally touch its self, and in some future time,it even came to Know itself, to remember its own birth. Imagine, the grand thing recognizing itself at every resolution, peeking into its own belly buttonuntil it shoves itself in and turns itself wants to know itself as "we" want to know our "selves", Our arm and legs — the Mother's arms and legs.
  •  Your father was a space rock;
    you were born a cosmonaut.

    You are a cosmic accident —
    a system of instructions,
     achieving self-recognition.
    You are nature looking in,
    at once mundane and sublime.
  •  We stepped out of the { Chemical Soup }
  •  They say that no man is an { island. }

    Yet, every Operator is a System.
  •  The beginning of the Operating System. July 2009.
    An interactive Flash website.