VARIG Logo Redesign

Created: 01/24/13
Last Edited: 01/14/14
Assignment: Select an airline of your choice and redesign its branding. I chose the (now extinct) Brazilian airline VARIG for my project.
    School Project, SVA
    Assignment: Select an airline of your choice and design its new branding.
    VARIG was the first airline founded in Brazil, in 1927. From 1965 until 1990 it was Brazil’s leading and almost only international airline. In 2005, Varig went into judicial reorganisation, and in 2006 it was split into two companies. Varig was my favorite airline until it closed for good in 2007. If Varig were to come back as the number one airline in Brazil like it once was, it would have to go through a complete rembranding. The following pages cointain my view of what Varig should look like if it came back to the market.

  • Graphic Design and Art Direction by Leo Porto
    School of Visual Arts
    Instructor: Hedy Schultz

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