The Staten Island Ferry

Created: 11/24/12
Last Edited: 08/31/13
The Staten Island Ferry began operation in 1817. It runs from St. George, Staten Island to The battery in Lower Manhattan. Back and forth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, transporting approximately 75,000 passengers per day. The ferry is free of charge so it is traveled by commuters who are from all walks of life. I am one of these passengers and these photographs illustrate what I see, or more accurately what I’m offering to show you.

I have always been interested in people watching. I like to analyze others and try to understand them, or what it might be like to step into their shoes and have a glimpse into what their world is like. There is a diverse range of people who commute on the ferry including doctors, lawyers, city workers, students, tourists, the homeless and those who are just looking for a short romantic journey.

I became interested in making photographs on the ferry because it is an integral part of my life. I am of the many passengers who float across the New York harbor to reach my destination. My school is my destination, a place where I focus on my dreams and share common interests with my peers. A place to talk about art and create relationships. Although not all of our destinations are the same, we share this time together. Some use this time to read a book or catch up on lost sleep while for others its an adventure.

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