Lost in (negative) space and crowds.

Created: 03/06/13
Last Edited: 04/26/13
Recent work (commissioned and personal)
  • I enjoy creating images where graphic shapes outline or hide elements. And drawing tons of people. Or both at the same time. Here are some. Hope you like them.
  • "Night Witness" 
  • "Summer in the city"
  • "Go get a muse!"
  • "Champagne Twilight" - concept art/colored sketch for a famous champagne brand
  • Snowwhite for Korean publisher Tamkoo
  • "After the storm" (if somebody is wondering, yes, I love Tomer Hanuka´s art ;-)
  • "We have the whole day"
  • Untitled
  • "Color theory"
  • Fragment of a Mural for Cortefiel Retail Group offices in Spain (280x100 inches)
  • "And Dr Tenacious smiled when he noticed that this Valentine´s day, the Red Raven had kicked him remarkably softer..."
  • Concept art for Sixpoint Brewery - Full version

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