Jean Raymond Lazerges: 19th Century Reconstruction

  • Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges 1869   
    19th Century  drawing & frame reconstruction 
    11 thStation of the Cross "Jesus is nailed to the cross."
    La Sainte Face au Chemin de la Croix

    Stations of the cross X (10) and XIII (13) pictued below on the left and right are original Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges works of art. Station of the Cross XI (11) in the middle is the Renaissance Restoration Studio Inc. recreation. 
  • Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. was commissioned to replicate the 11 thStation of the Cross (Jesus is nailed to the cross) by 19 th Century French artist Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges. The original artwork was stolen from a private collection and the art coinsure commissioned us to recreate the drawing and frame exactly to match seamlessly with the rest of the set “La Sainte Face au Chemin de la Croix”. Although the piece is small, a tremendous amount of research and effort went into this 21 st Century recreation. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. team of artisans, which included: historic researchers, draftsmen, woodworkers, faux finishers, framers, and guilders all contributed to make an undetectable copy of the Lazerges artwork. Only period materials and tools are used creating unparalleled authenticity. Renaissance Restoration Studios Inc. artwork recreations are so accurate that company policy dictates  all artistic replicas produced in our workshop must bare unique security watermarks. These measures are visible only to trained experts so future art historians and museum curators will know it is not an original Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges.