Hatched: New Ventures in Entrepreneurial Design
    SVA MFA Design Thesis Forum & Launch Exhibition 2013
    Brought to you by the 2013 class of the MFA Design/Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program at the School of Visual Arts, Hatched is a unique showcase of entrepreneurial ventures that includes campaigns, apps, products, and more. Incubated over the course of the program, this year’s Thesis Forum is a celebration of new entrepreneurial design and research processes that have enabled designers to take more responsibility for their output.
    Learn more about the projects on the Hatched website.
    Design Team: Jenny Rozbruch, Justin Colt, Lizzy Showman, Jose Fresneda & Nada Seet
    Art Direction: Steven Heller
    Photography: Kathleen Marie Fitzgerald, Jose Fresneda, Elvia Gobbo Photography
    Celebrating our 15th anniversary, the MFA Design/Designer as Author + Entrepreneur program, the first graduate design program of its kind, has enabled designers to develop their talents and skills in viable, entrepreneurial ways. Graduates have successfully conceived, developed, produced and marketed unique products in areas as diverse as healthcare, education, communications, entertainment, food, art and social advocacy. Design businesses and partnerships have been launched by alumni who have formed worldwide support networks that enhance professional opportunities. Most of all, the program has redefined the traditional role of designer to include business as a means to realize their ideas, identify audiences and produce products of value for the marketplace.
    Lita Talarico + Steve Heller
  • Evolving logo graphic
  • Animated web banner
  • Poster series
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • SVA Theatre marquee
  • Programs
  • Animated forum interstitals
  • Giveaways
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Interactive Digital Installation
  • This project was chosen as a winner in PRINT Magazine's 2014 Regional Design Annual!