The Return of the Lost Sock

  • A Design Intervention by Bruno Zalum and Camille McMorrow
  • "Can design touch the hearts of strangers?" That was the question Stefan Sagmeister posed to his MFA Design class at the School of Visual Arts. In response, two students chose to add some love and laughs to a situation that makes everyone miserable: doing laundry. 

    With their project, The Return of the Lost Sock, Camille McMorrow and Bruno Zalum answer the question "Where oh where did my lost sock go?" The answer comes in the form of a lonely, sock-addicted washing machine named Gene, who has been eating everyone’s socks all these years. Having hit rock bottom and seen the error of his ways, Gene decided to make amends to all the laundry-doers he had hurt. He created a gift: a single sock, in a package lovingly screenprinted with his story, his apologies, and 11 things a person can do with a single sock. Gene the Washing Machine then hit the streets of NYC's East Village, visiting laundromats and righting wrongs with his design treats. People laughed, their hearts were warmed, and Gene was redeemed.

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