Connections. An Anthology

  • First anthology from Ducklings&Co - Connections. This is our humble attempt to put together and reflect on the sense of what connections mean to us through a visual narrative that is based on that invisible lasso that brings everything tangible and intangible together to create a seamless strong bond.

    A connection is a core human need because no person is an island. It is what makes us feel bustling, alive, and that we belong here, that we exist in the immensity. All sorts of connections illuminate that sensitive side of every person, creating a bond that can be torn or exist forever. 

    We are thankful for every person who has collaborated with us to bring this project into reality.  Along with all the illustrators who are part of Ducklings&Co, we appreciate the lovely cover illustrated by Ishita Jain, as well as Eugene Levchenko for making this beautiful audiovisual piece for us.