Bock Party

  • Block Party
  • Utah is currently ranked 48th out of 50 for voter turnout in the U.S. Why? The state's caucus/convention system is broken. When it works, the system brings community and neighborhood members together to elect the delegates that will represent them at party conventions. Since fewer delegates vote in conventions than on primary- and general-election slates, their votes carry more weight. Over the years, however, the process has become complex, crowded and subservient to insiders and to individuals with extreme political views. 

    I decided to try to repair it at the source: the neighborhood. Block Party is a kit for throwing a non-partisan, pre-caucus neighborhood block party. It will be distributed by both Democratic and Republican organizations. The kit contains a guide for hosting a pre-caucus block party, yard signs for advertising, icebreaker buttons and "neighborhood views" cards to be given to the delegates that are elected at the caucus meeting, in the hope that they'll serve the needs of their constituents instead of special interests. The overall goal is to bring politics back to the community and to help people participate in their own neighborhoods.

    Designed in Alan Chochinov's Designing in 3-Dementions class.

  • Custom designed box.
  • Block Party kit
  • Ice breaker buttons. Animal rights, Utah history, environmental and education.

    Illustrations by John Hersey.
  • Yard Signs
  • Guidebook
  • Guidebook detail