• Countdown - By John Coltrane
    Music Video
  • A project for Gail Anderson’s Just Type class. I worked with several limitations:

    I tried to create the video the way jazz is played – have a set of rules and then improvise and go crazy within them. And just when you think you’ve seen or heard everything, surprise you with something new. Everything was composed in After Effects as I animated the video, in a very off-the-cuff manner.

    Becuase I had never used After Effects before, I had no preconceived notions about what I could or could not do. And that really opened me up to trying different things. I think the type you provided totally made the video. It has such a nice human quality to it, that you can really imagine a person playing the music. All in all it took about 80 hours of work, including research and time building moldboards.

    The type was generously provided by the talented David Wolske.

    Read about it on LETTERPRESSDAILY.COM