Editorial Illustration

  • The New York Times “You Could Die Today. Here’s How to Reduce That Risk.”
    Art Direction : Jaspal Riyait
  • Medium - OneZero “Please Wear a Shirt on Your Video Calls”
    Art Direction : Tessa Modi
  • Medium - OneZero “Blame ‘Sliding Into DMs’ For Killing the Beloved IM”
    Art Direction : Tessa Modi
  • Medium - Bad Ideas "I Tried Listening to Podcasts at 3x and Broke My Brain"
    Art Direction : Tessa Modi
  • AIGA Eye on Design and Adobe "Are You An Artist, Designer, or Both?" 
    The line between art & design is getting blurrier & new technologies are 
    making it easier than ever to navigate these two worlds.
    Art Direction : Emily Gosling
  • Medium - OneZero "Fully Automated Luxury Communism Isn’t Our Future"
    Art Direction : Noah Baker
  • Medium - Marker “Where do Business mafias Come From?”
    Art Direction : Dora Godfrey
  • The New Yorker “Love, Death, and Begging for Celebrities to Kill You”
    Art Direction : Sebit Min
  • BBC Science Focus “How to smell nice with body odour” 
    I depicted making a product for man who got stressed about body odour.
    Art Direction : Joe Eden
  • PLANSPONSOR "Understanding the Market Cycle Is Important to Retirement Plan Investors."
    Art Direction : SooJin Buzelli
  • Bloomberg Businessweek - Agenda "A Big Week for Banks"​​​​​​​
    Art Direction : Chandra Illick
  • Bloomberg Businessweek - Agenda "Davos World Economic Forum"
    Art Direction : Chandra Illick
  • Bloomberg Businessweek - Agenda "Boeing's New Boss Tries a Rest"
    Art Direction : Chandra Illick
  • Bloomberg Businessweek - Agenda "A Storm Brews on Lake Zurich"
    Art Direction : Chandra Illick