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  • Moda Coffee | Coffee Roasting & Online Shop. © 2020

    Client: Xhynet Useinovski​​​​​​​
    Service: Logo & Visual Identity 
    Location: Washington, USA.
    Brand Developer: Yazan Alterkawi
    Concept & Visual System Design: Yazan Alterkawi
    Photo Edit: Haider Mami
    Coffee should be enjoyed never rushed, rather mindful of each sip. There is nothing like enjoying a specially roasted cup with your favorite people. That is the main belief of Moda Coffee. They seek to elevate your experience even more by providing you with single origin coffee of the highest quality, with a new roast to order concept so that every bag comes to you just days after it was freshly roasted. 
    "Moda" was chosen for the company's name, as it is a word found in our language as well as many others, that means: style or trend. Our obsession is to bring back awareness to the style or ritual of drinking coffee. 
    We tried to avoid using the stereotypical symbols of coffee, like coffee beans and branches, and we had gone further in exploring more symbolic elements that show the values of social, organic, and unique experiences. We noticed that coffee plant's leaves are not used yet as a logo in this field, so we used the leaves as main symbols then we shaped them in a crossed form to illustrate the intimate relationship between people. And the upper part of the leaves is an abstract symbolism of the letter M of the company's initial. We also meant to use minimal line art, because these minimal styles are the most expressive styles to illustration the word "Moda" which means the latest trends.

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