Oil Aviator brand identity

  • Oil Aviator Petrochemical and Fuel Corporation © 2020
    Client: Oil Aviator   -  Project: Unreal Brand Identity
    Designers: Haider Mami & Fares Sakor
    Art Direction: Yazan Alterkawi

    Petrochemical and fuel energy company from private sector headquartered in Saudi Arabia and has four branches in other middle eastern countries. Aiming to be global and services all around the world. At Oil Aviator “speed” is a core value not only in the performance of the staff but also in the oil and gas they provide it helps cars to reach maximum capacity of raising and go fast. It is also a very elite corporation that produces motor oil, equipments, and all needed accessories for cars. 
    In professional and high ending designs. Yet its products and services are affordable. And that led us to build a simple strong mark to be in the logo to represent the company's core values: speed, elite, and refined fuel. With a wing which has a direct illustration of the name of the corporation.