National Aquarium in Baltimore

  • National Aquarium in Baltimore
  • Our firm’s relationship with the National Aquarium (originally called the Baltimore Aquarium) extends over more than two decades. The aquarium has become Maryland’s largest paid tourist attraction, with over 1.6 million visitors a year.

    The initial task was the design of a graphic identity for the new institution, as well as signs, exhibit graphics and interior murals. The objective was to create a distinctive and memorable identity that would convey the interconnection between marine life and its environment. The symbol suggests that interconnection through a figure-ground image combining fish and a wave pattern.
  • Because of the aquarium’s success, it has recently undergone a major expansion. Based on the original graphic identity, our firm developed additional signage, and created seven major murals.

    Architect: Chermayeff, Sologub & Poole