• Conduent
  • On January 1, 2017, the new Fortune 500-scale company Conduent was born, and its leadership rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange at the opening of the trading year to mark the occasion. A completely independent spin-off from Xerox, Conduent has a significant share of the business-process outsourcing market: for example, they handle medical benefits for 15 states, 40 percent of worker’s compensation payments, and nearly half of the nation’s highway toll systems.

    The new company needed a visual identity that would establish the brand quickly for its various audiences and would be distinct both from previous corporate entities and from the rest of the sector. The Conduent symbol is composed of three parallelograms coming together, representing the relationship between Conduent, its clients, and their customers. This configuration creates a forward-pointing arrow at the core of the design. Together with a bold, confident wordmark, the visual identity stands for a trusted, experienced company poised to hit the ground running.