IWF — The Weekly Rundown

  • IWF — The Weekly Rundown
    Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator.

    About IWF:
    Independent Women's Forum is an educational 501(c)(3) dedicated to developing and advancing policies that aren’t just well-intended, but actually enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities. We work every day to engage and inform women and create a community to discuss how policy issues – including paid leave, health care, taxes, energy, minimum wage, and education – impact them and their families. 

    Director 6ix Shoota and Communications Director at IWF Elizabeth Tew reached out, looking to develop a social media newscast graphics package. The name of the newscast  "The Weekly Rundown" hosted by Elizabeth Tew, and it required a graphics system that would work for both Youtube and IGTV.

    The following are examples of the graphics developed for "The Weekly Rundown"
  • Final IGTV Intro Sequence
    These images represent the final IGTV "The Weekly Rundown" sequence. 
    Depicted here is Elizabeth Tew, the host.
  • Moodboard Exploration
    Curated a moodboard on Savee.it with a wide range of examples of kinetic typography, type deconstruction and minimal colors.
  • Design Development
    Referencing the moodboard, I proceeded to develop visual landscapes using typography.
    Depicting space and physicality with minimal use of colors. 
  • Logo Development
    Examples showcasing the final logo, its behavior and environment.
  • Typographic Backgrounds
    Backgrounds created using keywords and and the full name of the show. 
    Type was used to create the visual landscape to serve as a backdrop 
    for information and footage.
  • Intro YouTube & IGTV
    Show Intro
    ERT: 15 sec
  • Outro YouTube & IGTV
    Show Outro
    ERT: 6 sec
  • Credits
    Client: IWF
    Communications Manager: Elizabeth Tew
    Production: Forever Media
    Executive Producer: 6ix Shoota
    Art Direction: Fabian Tejada
    Animation: Fabian Tejada