Editorial Illustrations

  • BBC Focus ‘A scientist’s guide to life: how to navigate digital living’ 
    Art Direction: Joe Eden
  • Bloomberg Businessweek ’Upgrade Your Memory With a Surgically Implanted Chip’ 
    Art Direction: Saxton Randolph
  • Medium OneZero ‘The League of Entropy Is Making Randomness Truly Random’
    Art Direction: Noah Baker
  • Medium Modus ‘How You Can Tell You’re Getting Better - Being a better designer is about being a better person’
    Art Direction: Noah Baker
  • Aiga Eye on Design 'Sweet Streams, Baby: Are Netflix’s Algorithms Genius or Devious?'
    Art Direction: Madeleine Morley
  • Toggl 'Want to Learn a New Skill? Try Brain Hacking'
    Art Directrion: Emma Murray
  • NYT Open ‘Can Publishers Use Metadata to Regain the Public’s Trust in Visual Journalism?’
    Art Direction: Jason Fujikuni
  • Header illustration for new episodes of Bloomberg Prognosis podcast.
    Art Direction: Steph Davidson
  • FT Weekend ‘Dark ops: Isis, the far-right and the gamification of terror’
    Art Direction: Nam An