Face it. Possible ad ideas for Maybelline.

  • Working in a minimalistic style I created these pastel portraits in which I purposely make smudges. I started with old construction paper and I add wrinkles and fade the color of the paper. It's about not having too many details in my drawings, leaving it to the imagination and purposely not using the right colors of how things are supposed to be. I like to approach my illustrations in a very different and unconventional manner in efforts to capture something unlike anything you might have seen before. Hope you like, please feel free to comment below. Or you can check me out at www.linkedin.com/pub/edwin-figueroa/31/527/808
  • Our mattress allows you to dream with ease. The Orthopedic Mattress Store
  • Don't let your Sweet Sixteen look like the Masquerade Ball. No smudges. Maybelline
  • I have used lots of different illustration styles when
    rendering storyboards and tight comprehensives.
  • Sketches that are entangled with photographs. Trying to illustrate just how the eyes 
    are the window to the soul.
  • The image above is the same image as below.