• 3D Texturing & Look Development Artist, BUCK Design Inc., BBC TWO, “Maverick ”, TV and web commercial, NYC, 04/ 2019- 05/ 2019

    This is a show transition animation project that I worked on with our CG lead, Chris Ribar, Modeler, Filipe Machado, and other talented members at Buck. Enjoy!
  • These are the still frames. All the geometric objects are modeled in Maya and Marvelous Designer. The inflated animation was simulated in Houdini.
  • We lit the whole spot in Maya with V-ray. I worked on the shader development in Substance Painter and complete the look in Maya with V-ray render engine.
  • These are some early development for the objects' materials.
  • This is a screenshot of my working file with Substance Painter.
  • Finally, this is how it looks like on TV!
  • I hope you had fun reading this post! 
  • Directed by: BUCK

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