Coke: Time Square Display

  • 3D Lead Lighter, BUCK Design Inc., Coke, “ Coke Time Square 2018”
    Time Square Coke Screen installation, NYC, 06/ 2018- 08/ 2018

    I was the lead lighter for this project, here are some 3D style frame that we worked on together with Creative Director Daniel Oeffinger and Art Director Simone Noronha at BUCK. Filipe Machado is our main modeler for this spot. In total, we made shorts for the time square cocacoka screen display. 
  • The cool part of this Coca Cola display is that the screen actually are modular!!!! Meaning that the surface moves around along with the aniamtion. So we had designer that customerized the motion design based on the story abd the character's performance. Isn't that fun? :D 
  • These are the animation edits we made for the display.
  • And finally, we made these preview renders with the video footage of time square coca cola display. These are how the videos actually look like in person.

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