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  • It has been proven that taking a microbreak every half an hour increases your productivity by up to 50%.
    Nothing is targeted to the creative minds and to all the sophisticated souls out there. What if we can have an amazing visual break to inspire us and make us feel better? Something quick and mesmerizing that we can insert into our daily routines.
  • LFNTV only picks the best videos from all over the web. Each video should be under 5 minutes, non commercial and visually stunning.
  • LFNTV's 6 mood channels.
  • Swipe to go from the LFNTV mood channels to the ones created by you, your friends and your favorite curators.
  • LFNTV has a big brain and a very good memory. It works off your taste and preferences by pulling clues from your social networks. And the more you interact with the videos, our Machine Learning System will show you similar or opposite stuff.
  • LFNTV partners with progressive and well established brands that are seeking new ways to connect with a specific audience. A brand like Redbull or Clifbar would sponsor the "Energize" channel because it matches their philosophy. So after the bumper you would only see 3 seconds of the logo of its sponsor. Those 3 seconds are perfect for today’s shrinking attention span.
  • Data Analytics: This is a unique opportunity for brands to target a niche audience in a specific state of mind, according to the channels they are watching. The data we gather in our backend is also an invaluable asset for brands and agencies looking for film directors and video references for their next ads and shorts.
  • Once a video is curated, a badge of honor can be added by the artist on the source video. This badge functions as a label of quality for them and a promotional tool driving traffic back to LFNTV. To create a buzz, LFNTV would also implement a series of location-specific QR codes that would each be linked to a short video. These stickers would be in places where people are waiting or bored, like laundromats, bus stops, waiting rooms, etc.
  • Every year, and with the support of the sponsors, awards are offered to the most acclaimed video artists and studios in each of the 6 main channels.