"Empress of Time - High 5 Games

  • "Empress of Time: The Forever Fortune" from High 5 Games, was the first time, while still being a Production Artist, that I was given the reigns to animate a full game. All of the animations were done by me, mainly in Adobe After Effects. The gyro sphere was created and animated in Maya 2015.

    There were many talented Illustrators that brought this game together, yet there were still so many assets to create. I wanted to levitate any extra tasks for them to take on, that I decided to separate and illustrate the pieces of the characters and some of the backgrounds. For example, the guy with the eye patch was mainly flattened, so I had to separate and draw what would be behind the hand or collar, etc.

    I'm a huge fan of the steam punk art style, so this game was tremendous fun to work on. Almost every symbol has gears or clocks to animate. The 3D faces and bodies were not done with Spline, Duik, or any other plugin or software, as we have not had those programs. These were all done in Adobe After Effects.
  • Pre-Production Team: Michael RothenbergĀ (Art Director), Scott Altman (Illustrator)

    Production and Post-Production Team: Guillermo Gonzales (Art Director), Johan Lood and Isaac Litman (Illustrators), Jason Hata (Animator)