• When We All Vote #VotingSquad
    Role: Art Director, Designer, Animator.

    In a new video from When We All Vote, the national nonpartisan organization Michelle Obama launched in 2018 in order to increase voter participation in all elections, the former First Lady enlisted some celebrity friends to explain why its so important.

    I was enlisted by the When We All Vote team to realize the #VotingSquad announcement video. The production had a strong emphasis on a squad of superheros, much like the Marvel Universe. This was a fun yet challenging premise. To feature 13 celebrities in different locations and time zones, in the US to have a unified voice. My challenge was to ensure a consistent layout of the talking heads, maintain uniformity with the graphics and transitions through the spot.

  • Transition into Social Media Posts (excerpt)

    A transition developed to help the audience grasp the vast reach of the When We All Vote mission. In this sequence Michelle Obama slides into an Instagram post, at the same time WWAV Co-Chairs and Volunteers populate the screen with their posts.
    This sequence employed a very useful plug Social Importer available thru AE Scripts.
    Social Importer allows you to easily import Instagram and Twitter content directly into 
    Adobe After Effects.
  • Janelle Monáe transition
    Before & after plates
    Tracking and roto was primarily done in after effects with the aid of a tracking card.
  • Liza Koshy transition
    Before & after plates
    Once the tracking and roto was done, it was time to composite and time the color graded live action plates to match the edit and messaging.
  • Janelle Monáe transition
    Final Composite
  • Design & Animation
    Collection of elements used in the final project. 
    The following is a call to action text based animation, using the brand font and colors.
  • The Voting Squad
    The end card was a crucial ask for this launch. 
    To develop an end card that features the 13 Co-Chairs that form the #VotingSquad​​​​​​​
  • The Voting Squad illustrations by Tracie Ching
    Like with any great epic piece, it requires that you assemble a squad of talented individuals. Tracie Ching was the first name suggested at the kick off! 
    And it was unanimous! Tracie Ching was the perfect fit to illustrate the #VotingSquad.
    Hat tip to one of the most talented and dynamic illustrators doing it today!
  • When We All Vote Press

  • Credits
    Organization: When We All Vote
    Production: Jonathan Lee, Laura Miller
    Director: Adam Garber
    Director of Photography: Will Chilton
    Art Director: Fabian Tejada
    illustrator: Tracie Ching
    Animation & Compositing: Fabian Tejada
    Editors: Adam Garber, Will Chilton
    Color: Kevin Barker @factioncolor