Room of Memories 01 Encounters

  • Photography Installation Project : "Room of Memories 01. Encounters"
  • “Room of Memories 01. Encounters” is a room sized photo based installation which acts as a metaphor of entry into another person's mindscape. By employing the native perceptual distortions of working with Camera Obscura Chamber, the space is transformed into a visual enigma where viewers can enter and explore the experience, a mysterious and isolated space of imagery not grounded with physical existence but suggesting a mental presence.

    The installation project features two photography projects by Htet T San, "Encounters" and "Noctuaries".

    “Encounters” is the photographic narrative of a person going back to one's own subconscious, traveling back to fragmented memories. The project acts as a metaphor of entering Mindscapes through the eyes of a photographer and contemplates on the mysterious aspects of life, those momentary reflections that we pass by everyday without knowing their interior details or content. The main thermatic guiding this work is based on the existence of memories from past experiences in our subconscious and the role they play appearing in everyday life.

    "Noctuaries" is a nightly journal and a visual record of an event that passes through a person's subconscious at night, analyzing a moment between dream and reality, past and present.

  • The installation is accompanied with a time lapse camera inside to capture the movements of the landscape inside the camera obscura chamber as a concept of time past, memories and reminiscence. 
  • Installation opening days with public interaction in the room 
  • This installation was set up on October 2019 at Center of Holographic Arts, NY 
  • Music - Sigur Ros "Liminal"