"The Empress Josephine" - High 5 Games

  • "The Empress Josephine" from High 5 Games, art and animations
  • At this point of my time at High 5 Games, I was in a post-production team, converting games for our clients. I was in charge of additional animations for this game. The top screen animation, promo, and intro/outro transitions were done by me.

    The chandelier was modeled and animated in Maya. I composited and created the 3D fancy hallway transition all in After Effects. I took a technique where you create a false 3D perspective in Photoshop and After Effects.
  • Original Team: Mike Rothenberg (Art Director), Mark Evans (Illustrator, Christian Meija (Animator), Francis Bonacles (Production Artist.

    Post-Production Team: Guillermo Gonzales (Art Director), Johan Lood (Illustrator), Jason Hata (Animator).