He Carried a Mermaid Purse - Character Design

  • 2012
  • Thumbnail sketches for a wandering nomad, post apocolyptic storm.
  • Detailed thumbnails
  • Bone Collector:  This tough broad scours barren landscapes for large-mammaled graveyards.  Even with one whale-bone pegleg, her limp is fierce, as her most sustaining commodity remains her will to survive.
  • Ebb and Flow:  An aimless wanderer, she is much less a victim of her drifting path, than she is of the constant unresolved banter of the multiple personalities inside her mind.  Flow  is a mover, not a shaker, but she sets the wanderer's pace in a steady direction - not necessarily the right one, but a definite one at the very least.  Ebb, on the other hand, is  a weakling, always retreating shortly after Flow sets the pace.  Consequently, these two conflicting characters trapped in one body is a combination doomed for extinction. Though, in the midst of her unforeseen demise, the wanderer finds solace in the whispering of an ocean breeze: the only other voice she can listen to in a present space.
  • Mermaid Man:  A gentel creature, a curious collector, he's the classic ectomporph. Do not be fooled  by his deceptively fragile frame, for this traveler is the quintessential embodiment of mind over matter. Both with agility in intellect and sport, Mermaid man is an infamous survivor.  Accepting his fate as one of the few, if not the only survivors of men, he has taken residency near the sea, inside the remains of a whale carcass. His latest agenda is rummaging through the sand to find aborted shark egg carriers - Mermaid purses - for which he has disvovered the skin of the sack converts salt water in to fresh water..no really.
  • Thumbnails for Whale Carcess hut