Mad Marketers Conference Visual Identity Design

  • Hi! Get your tea, 
    cookies and enjoy watching 
    Mad Marketers Conference.
  • Digital marketing is fun! Then why most digital marketing conferences are so boring?

    We turn the tables! We believe that a marketing conference should be bright, interesting and, of course, useful. This is why we have created meetings for hundreds of marketers and people related to marketing that are going to develop it further.

    Our project’s mission is making a place for meetings, training and entertainment for marketers.
  • Concept:
  • Information fatigue and monotony whittle down the positive effect of conferences. We took a regular meeting and made a real rock show out of it, where everyone will have something to do. Bright impressions will help the information assimilate better. We are marketing punks: we’re against boredom, formality and perfectly ironed shirts. We believe in provocation in advertising, braveness, insolence and a fresh look at things.
  • We created several surrealistic images for the project.

    We’re going to tell about several of them:
    - The head, turned 180 degrees, implies that you must think differently, turn your consciousness around;
    - Pills on posters and banners as food for the mind;
    - Pomegranate lightbulb consisting of multiple seeds implies an explosive idea.
  • We have developed a pattern that slightly resembles symbols and figures, but in close proximity it is a geometric abstraction. This is our allegory for information noise.
  • Conduct:
  • On March 3, we’ve had the largest event in GoSocial’s history – the Mad Marketers Conference.

    We managed to assemble over 450 marketers, journalists and businesspeople under one roof for fellowship and mentorship from stronger specialists.

    Mad Marketers Conference has encouraged tens of new contacts thanks to lively networking. People meet each other, make arrangements, plan projects. We already see the results of these interactions.

    Two jingles that were playing, while speakers were coming onto the stage, were recorded by The Glimpse. Make sure to check the band’s music out, while watching the conference report video.
  • Conference participants’ posts in the day of event.
  • For the website, we chose the image of a mannequin
    that symbolizes a person, who is open for new information.