Surprising Simon Poster

  • "What do an arrogant boss, an eccentric Craigslist customer, an angry ex-girlfriend and a charming millionaire have in common? They are all the unwanted, accidentally invited guests of Simon's 25th birthday party. Before disaster strikes, the party's frantic hosts and Simon's confused close friends must scramble to fix the situation before he finds out what's really going on."

    The poster intends to capture all characters in the play by attributing each one a color and a kinetic space of their own. The charm of this play lies in the captivating, delightful chaos between characters and personalities that buzz around a confused Simon, while he tries to comprehend the situation he's in.

    *SURPRISING SIMON is a farce written by Charlie Greenwald and Jeremy Vandroff that debuted at
    Emerson College in 2015 as part of the Rareworks Theatre Festival. This was the first performance of the play in NYC. 

    Alec Belmore, Alisha Zafar, Elliot Masters, Kate Ginna, Madeline Addis, Max Samuels, Sean Craig, Tucker Hamilton, Zeke St. John
  • The following two (2) iterations depict alternates that were not used.