The legend of Fig Boys

  • The legend of Fig Boys
    Amber Ma

      A collection of The legend of Fig Boys series is made by hermaphroditic plants, figs, and adolescents. This series portrays the fig boys seeks their spiritual growth through strange journey and activities which like whimsical group games, or unavoidable struggles and fights.

     I tried to seek a character which not be limited by gender. After doing research and investigation, I found that the fig has hermaphrodite characteristics. In addition, "adolescents" are concentrated in the age of "changing”. During this time, their bodies grow rapidly and their thoughts are free but hesitate indecision.

    Using insects and strange plants with symbolic significance in nature, to represent the abstract psychological activities of the Fig boys. For example, a bright-winged insect eats a boy's body symbolizes the temptation and troubles of growth, and a mysterious plant entangled in the environment shows obstacles to growth.
     Each work is two-sided and shows the fig boy or his own growth path by depicting the “outside” encounter and the “inside” psychological changes. Through my work, I want to communicate with the confused people, build new communication and give them the courage to explore themselves.
  • 《The devout prayer》
  • 《Amazing gown》
  • 《Close to danger》
  • 《A Thief》
  • 《A messy battle》
  • 《Let's sing a song for a new birth》
  • 《The hero's Journey》
  • 《The crown must wins》
  • 《Catch the fire》
  • 《breaking the shell》
  • 《i'm fine》
  • 《The coronation》
  • 《the circle game》
  • 《Cleanup the swimming pool》