The fig boys X the Moths

  • 《The Fig boys X The Moths》
    Amber Ma
    A series of illustrations about a legend of Fig boys.
    The Fig boys are a group of teenagers with Fig head. They are no gender. Their leader, the Fig boy ii, wears a crown that is made by thorns and branches. it covers many multicolored moth or beetles, looks heavy and cruel. Only his sailor suit with a long long Scarf which always covers lots of beautiful insects. This inspiration comes from the Great Chinese female writer Eileen Zhang’s quote: Life is a beautiful gown that is crawling all over by fleas.
    Sometimes they are aggressive and violent, and sometimes they are fragile and lonely.
    sometimes they will sing a holly song for celebrating a new life coming.
    But sometimes they will fight each other and eat the losing party.
    Life is cruel, their legend is still going on...

  • 《The devout prayer》
  • 《Amazing gown》
  • 《Close to danger》
  • 《A Thief》
  • 《A messy battle》
  • 《Let's sing a song for a new birth》
  • 《The hero's Journey》
  • 《The crown must wins》
  • 《Catch the fire》
  • 《breaking the shell》
  • 《i'm fine》
  • 《The coronation》
  • 《the circle game》
  • 《Cleanup the swimming pool》