100 Ways To Retire Early

  • Each day for 100 days I’m going to post a new idea for a website, app, or other technology which I wish existed. This is a part of a school project for the School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding program.
    Assignment created by Michael Bierut
    Challenges: How will this help me introduce my personal brand? How can I meaningfully build an engaging story every day? How can I contribute to a larger dialogue rather than create an insular experience? How can I encourage an audience to share my content? How can I create something newsworthy and/or worthy of a broader discussion?
    Approach: Each day for 100 days I’m going to think of a new idea for the internet, and the people who could benefit from the idea. Once I have the idea for a website, app, or pogo stick rental service, I pick a brand which would be a good strategic fit for a brand extension. Finally, I illustrate the idea. The process so far has been challenging but also extremely rewarding to research topics which were completely new to me.