AlterEgo Branding

  • Alter Ego Creates
    Logo development for a Creative Agency
    Role: Art Director, Designer, Logo, Animation

    To create a logo redesign and brand development for a Creative Agency

    Google Docs, Coggle, pen & paper, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

    It began with a brainstorming session with the internal creative team and analysis of the partners vision. The partners at AlterEgo wanted to re-brand, a fresh and simple symbol was decided on. One that represented the core of their partnership, a perfectly complementary duality.

    Before any sketches or vectors where created, I started with a diagram that connected all the brainstorming information to one central question: What is AlterEgo?. The initial results consisted of synonyms and metaphors for what AlterEgo encompasses.
    Moodboard & Mindnodes​​​​​​​
  • I started a moodboard based on the metaphors uncovered by the mind map exercise. 
    The following is a list of words under metaphor: mirror, surreal, relativity, parallel universe, reflection, duality, portal. This exercise informed the research for references.

    Anchored on the metaphors two images struck a chord early in research.
    "Time Transfixed" by Rene Magritte, is an apt example of surreal and relativity conjured up into one image. A pawn gazing at its own reflection in a mirror as King, conveys a parallel reality.

    A collection of classic psychology book covers from Penguin and Pelican books was added. The cover art in these is bold and visualizes complex themes in psychology with a minimalist execution.  The choice of simple graphic shapes and contrasting color palette is both elegant and timeless. Additional surreal photography by: Matthew Spiegelman, Bobby Becker, and Michał Biegański helped complete the board.
  • Guided by Symbols
    The moodboard was instrumental to pair down metaphors and ideas into symbols.
  • Sketching
    Early sketches of what the AlterEgo symbol could look like. Interlocking shapes and negative space are feature prominently.
  • AlterEgo Logo
    The logo is a Symbol & Lettermark for Alter Ego, a Combination mark. The combination mark is usually a logo that applies simultaneously two techniques: symbol and lettermark. The viewer gathers two different information sources, so that they can see the image and read the word representing the brand identity.
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