D'EUX - Packaging Design

  • D'EUX was born as new line of gender inclusive self care products. The word “d’eux” (French 
    pronunciation: [dø]) means “of them, about them and from them; also homophonic with “deux”,  meaning “two”. The double meanings of “D’eux” refers to gender neutrality.
    The line includes a shaving foam, razor, and moisturizing cream. These products can be purchased together or separately from a store; together, they serve as a 3-step shaving essential set.

    The target audience of this product line focuses on young couples who first moved in together, wanting to develop a self caring habit while spending money on good skincare products that will not break the bank.

    The line of products focuses on creating a gender neutral packaging as a factor that can encourage gender equality and create a more sustainable world. The design solution was to stay away from generic gendered visual language to convey the intended target audience of a product.