• ARKEN MUSEUM OF MODERN ART is a private non-for-profit charity, state authorized, contemporary art museum in Ishøj near Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The museum was conceived and created by Copenhagen County. The museum building is an attraction in itself. Designed by architect Søren Robert Lund, it portrays a stranded ship a few meters from the beach. The museum is located in scenic
    surroundings between Ishøj Harbour and the long sandy beach, so a visit to the museum is not  complete without a walk. 

    In my opinion, many museums have their names tagged along with “Museum of Modern Art.” I decided that the logo should stand out and be easily remembered. In view of the architecture being distinctively brutalist influenced, I decided that I’d go that route to create a brutalist logo using the arc. 

    Considering that the museum being built near Ishøj Beach, the colors that I picked were inspired by the sky, sea and the shore.