Clandestine - A Conceptual Art Series

  • Clandestine
    By Ella Sophie Bessette. 
    Limited edition prints available 
  • About this work

    adjective: clandestine: kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit. 
    The thoughts that get pushed into darkness. 

    Clandestine is an ongoing series, this work investigates some of the often-unacknowledged struggles facing young women today. 

    Conflicting images of what role women are meant to play in our society creates a constant struggle for many to keep up appearances, and their masks become so engrained that they start to take over. Mental health and emotions are trivialized and downplayed in a society that is too busy to recognize or react to the challenges facing so many. 

    Limited Edition Prints available, contact Ella for details

    All images copyright Ella Sophie Bessette