Conversion Test

  • Our goal from the get go was conversions, conversions, conversions. So that begs the question: 
    "How do we increase conversions?"

    There are a few ways to go about this but in proper conversion test you need (at least) two test subjects. We are testing everything from design to layout, to information architecture to imagery all at once. It's a seamless experience to the user but we the designers take it all into consideration from the very beginning.

  • Now that the groundwork has been lay down, we can begin to paint the walls so to speak. The following are two examples of the different homepages we tested. One version is a little stark and clean with lots of negative space vs a more image heavy and engaging solution.
    You will notice a lot of sample ipsum text as well as a lots of bright orange. 

  • The best part! Checking all the corners of your design document and making sure we are all consistent across the board! We never make mistakes right? Right?! The finely toothed comb is the most important step of any design process. It's important to double, triple check your work. It's also awesome to have a team to help you check and make sure we are delivering the best total package possible! I'm thankful for the team I worked with on this project and how we left no stone unturned.