Sotheby's HK 2019 Curiosity auction work and animation

  • Curiosity V sale / Sothebys Hong Kong / 2019

  • This short animation features a small selection of objects from the upcoming Curiosity V sale in #sothebyshk. Fine stone sculpture, rare animal skeletons and much more can be found in the 2 April auction, where lots spanning from across time and geographical space, from Ice Age Siberia to Bronze Age China, Ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe capture the collecting traditions of the East and West. ____

    This clip represents the realization of a life-long wish to reanimate medieval objects as I imagine these artists would have done with the tools artists have now. Making a brief but significant cameo appearance, the Buddha intervenes with a penetrating gaze as only the Buddha himself can manifest. What might be seen as blasphemy is actually my offering to the shrine of medieval spirituality, godliness, holiness, sanctity and ribald surreal carnivalesque