Happiness and Achievement

  • Happiness and Achievement¬†
    A chalkboard comission turned creative tribute to the always wise, F.D.R
  • When GROW comissioned Kimberly and I (Maple & Belmont) to create some custom chalkboard art, we jumped at the chance to do their first typographic piece. But didn't just want to use any old quote. We wanted to capture the work ethic of GROW, the attitude they share, and to describe their day to day operations. That quote came from the "New Dealer" himself, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
    Once we nailed the quote, we sketched furiously to embody both of our lettering styles. We took Kimberly's great layout, and ended up working in more of the details found in my letterforms. The final product was a 5' x 3'4" chalkboard work that took about 5 hours to complete. Luckly, we documented it all.