Sherwin Williams : Hide & Seek

  •  We just released our latest Sherwin Spot, 
    please enjoy this beautifully made animation we made at BUCK.
  • Here are the shots' renders. Our lead, Chris Ribar, lit this fox shot. 
  • Our supervisor, Bill Dorais, lit this seahorse shot. 
    The fox, and seahorse were modeled by Dave Soto.
  • Our art director, Ylli Orana, made this magical owl shot. 
    Filipe Machado modeled this owl set! 
  • Ylli Orana also lit this one. Tutrtle set was done by Casey Reuter & Filipe Machado.
  • Starting here.. hehe, I did all the flower set! Including modeling, layout, and lighting. Filipe Machado made these beautiful models! 
  • So when we started i did some research and made this modeling reference sheet.
    We are trying to achieve the look of that handmade organic feel when we build our characters. 
  • Below are some modeling R & D I did for the coral structure and the leaves. 
  • Here are some behind the scene renders I made for making this spot.
    These are the production models for the flower shots.
  • Even for grasses, and seaweeds as well! Woo hoo! 
  • Here is the little process loop of making the flower shot!

  • Let me know what you think.


    Thank you for stopping by  (◉˘◡˘◉)