ACCON | re-brand identity

  • logo

    The new logo ACCON - it is the complex from the words account consulting.
    The main task was to create a simple logo with a sign that will be used both independently and jointly.

  • key words for sign

    Focusing | Company interaction with a man and his request | Stability and experience
    Reliability and Controlling all processes | In the spotlight | Focus on accuracy
    Punctuality in terms and details

  • color & font
    The leading size refers to the font size 1.5:1.
    Uppercase Tracking must be at least 100 pt and no more than 400 pt.
    Tracking for lower case letters must be at least 0 pt and not more than 200 pt.

  • business documentation 
    modular grid | letterhead | business card | electronic form

  • elements of corporate aesthetics 
    diary | a pena cup | package

  • social 
    facebook | linkedin