VR Project : R&D

  • VR Project

    This was a challenging project I did couple years ago, and I was in charged of building a lot of 3D assets and creating textures that would be visually pleasing and efficient enough to run in the engine.This was also the first time I worked on a project with Unity and PBR. While working on this, we did a lot of research and development work for visualizing the potential appearance for this VR experience. 

    Here,  I am sharing with you all about out design process and some working record for this project. Below is a concept art created by the 3D team, and lead by our designer, Yeojin Shin and directed by our CD, Ben Langsfeld. At this stage, CG team worked a lot with designers and art directors to shape the look of the environment. 
  • After that, I started working with other modelers, 
    Filipe Machado, and Dave Soto, 
    together we layered out the structure of this environment. 
    Below is a 360 render. 
    You can see the base geometry of the plants, mountains, cloud rivers, and foliage. 
  • At the same time I also started playing around with the textures in Substance Painter for figuring the potential look of the hero tree.
  • At the end, we couldn't use our high res model and extravagant textures for the plugin into the engine. We ended up optimizing all the geometry and make them a lot lighter, simpler, and more graphic oriented look.
  • Here is the 3D video, it only lasts 10 secs, so make sure you pause it and then move your mouse around. Please enjoy it and let me know how you like it.
  • These circle icons were made for the Fit and Setup part of the product. We were trying to create simple but legible icons for users to recognize and to proceed to the nest step of the interface. 
  • So this is supposed to be how a user would see from the device. Basically we would be looking through a portal. This was a presentation of mimicking that idea.
  • These are most of the parts I worked on, I hope you enjoyed my posts.
  • Thank you for stopping by  (◉˘◡˘◉)