• I was part of this Joyfills cookies campaign. 
    My role for this project was a CG look development artist and a lighter. 
    Together with BUCK's talented CG artists and designers, we crafted the world of Joyfills.
    My main tasks were wood textures and shaders building. 
    I also lit a few shots for the end roller coaster shots.
    Please enjoy this fun cookie ride!  
  • Our team at BUCK were very specific about matching the colors to what the clients want specifically. We spent a lot of time tweaking the colors for each shots. 
  • Here are some closer looks of each beautifully crafted frames for you to see. 
  • Here is a little breakdown from pre-visualization to final compositing. 
  • These are not the final cookie models and textures we used at the end but during the R&D cookie rebuilding process, I made this render.
  • ​​​​​​​Directed by: BUCK

    Thank you for stopping by  (◉˘◡˘◉)