• One of the major theoretical issue that has dominated this field for many years concerns effective usage and engaging of the whole space. No doubts that Underground is the most popular type of public transport in our city. Today it is impossible to imagine an efficient, comprehensive network of urban passenger transport in large cities without subway.
  • The concept of this project is to show the underground as a PORTAL to other dimensions.
  • Based on the example of today's commercial advertising in the subway (Citrus, etc.), the entire station will be designed with its own method in the style of cyberpunk comics, for example. The solution of each station in a different style with a different story and characters will reinforce the concept of my project and diversify a huge amount of space.
  • The result of this research supports the idea to elaborate underground art project which will be held once a year on a competitive basis among the participants. As it was mentioned before Kharkiv city had 30 metro stations and 30 participants it means one station is for the same author. The concept of this project is to show the underground as a portal to other dimensions.
  • 3D model 1:1 Station Historical Museum, Kharkiv city.
  • Graphic example of three parts for further visualization of the selected station.
  • Cyberpunk comics
  • As an example, the result of the Portal art project may look like a cyberpunk genre and comic style. In addition, I was invented and wrote the script for the story of my comic book. In the end, this style is impossible without a detailed storyboard.
  • The action of my story takes place in a state corporation called "Happiness". Residents of "Happiness" - the lucky ones. The state is divided into three levels of happiness:
    • 1 level "high". There live "special" statesmen and celebrities;
    • 2nd level "intermediate". The inhabitants of this level are the educated population;
    • 3 level "technical". A population without an education that performs physical labour.
  • All the lucky ones are happy, but at each level differently, but nobody knows about it, because this is propaganda. The protagonist of this story, Fenek, is a happy inhabitant of the 2nd level. Residents of levels do not communicate with each other, it is not prohibited, but not accepted. Because it is a kind of caste division. Communication begins and ends after seniority: if happy from the High level (1) spoke first to a resident from the Intermediate level (2), then communication is possible, never otherwise.
  • There is another level 0, but no one knows whether this level really exists and what is happening there. There is some gossip, but no one talks about it. This is believed to be an unfavourable level, but at the same time, this level is the source of all "happiness."
    The secret of this mystery begins with an anonymous happy letter that comes to the main character. The letter does not contain any answers, only unrelated a few lines and a call to search.

  • “As it is known, happiness is recognized in comparison with misfortune” - the main hint on how to get to level 0.
  • Visualization with graphic example of the selected station.

  • This is a startup. Feel free to contact with suggestions for future development.
    Thank you for a well-spent time!