3D Theater Ttitles

  • A collection of 3D rendered titles and marketing materials for major Broadway shows over the past couple of years. 

    All objects were designed in Illustrator and then rendered in Cinema 4D before being taken into Photoshop for finishing.

    1. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory The Musical:

    The Wonka W below was used as the hero mark for the show and represented the factory on the front of house.

  • We wanted to create a title that functioned as an actual everlasting gobstopper machine. 

  • Another idea was a copy driven campaign based on the fun verbiage in the show. Scrumdiddlyumptious.

  • Some lollipop wayfinding signage for good measure.

  • 2. Beetlejuice The Musical:

    The title sits inside of a coffin to communicate the death aspect of the show in an approachable way as the show was targeted towards families.

  • 3. Harry Potter & The Cursed Child:

    The concept was to use the ampersand to represent the child aspect of the title and have it appear to be inside an abstract womb.