Travel book covers

  • Travel Book Series
    Without using the obvious photos of the countries, such as landscape and people, I had to create a book cover for series of three travel books. From here, I thought about time zones and geographic coordinate system. By using the whole surface of the book cover, I created the grid that represents the longitude and latitude in the atlas and located the capital city of the country that the book was written about. In addition, I also created a bookmark that illustrates the shape of the country to help the reader of the location.
    My concept of this series of travel book was to make the book look less like a travel book. Many tourists do not like to travel with a travel book in their hands, making it look obvious that they are tourists. So, I thought by creating a cover that looks less like a travel book would be great solution to that problem. This cover can also work as a dust jacket and have a map of the country on the other side.