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    Client: Cincinnati Magazine Baby Guide
    Article By Kimberly Kennedy

    Stage 1
    • Delivery: NEW Guidelines About When to Push
    Recent study says immediate pushing is better for mom and baby!
    —Kimberly Kennedy
  • Some sketches for the first stage. 
    The article is about "A new guidelines on when to start pushing during childbirth". At first I took it pretty literally (image 4), then I start to focus on the beauty of a pregnant woman. 

  • Stage 2
    • Infant: Baby-Led Weaning:
    Is it fabulous—or a fail?
    —Kimberly Kennedy

  • Sketches for Baby-Led Weaning. Ton of fun!
  • Stage3
    • Toddler: Screentime for Toddlers
    Setting a good foundation(managing screen time)
    —Kimberly Kennedy
  • Sketches for toddler. My art director Dani gave me a good idea by combing the parents into one image and watching the kid together. 
  • Stage4
    • School age: 
    Sparking Your Child’s Internal Motivation
    It’s time to rethink rewards!
    —Kimberly Kennedy
  • Sketches for schoolage
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