• Wax on Wax on Bristol Studies
    Various Sizes | 2018

    • • •

    While studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York, I have had the opportunity to grow my visual vocabulary and play with different styles at techniques. These three studies were done in a self-made scratchboard technique. First, a layer of colored, random crayon coats the paper. Second, you cover the colored marks with a thick layer of Neocolor black water soluble wax. Lastly, you can use an Exacto blade to "scratch" away the black wax, leaving the colorful lifework you see below. 

    I was lucky enough to learn this under the tutelage of Carl Titolo. He is an incredible artist, and an even more incredible human being.
  • Self Portrait | 2018
  • Frog Study | 2018
  • Fly Study | 2018
    Wax on Bristol with background in Gouache