ASTROWORLD – Travis Scott

  • We collaborated with Travis Scott and his team to tease and promote his long anticipated album, Astroworld. 

    The Houston theme park that inspired the album may be closed, but it never died. We wanted to "re-open" Astroworld on August 3rd, 2018 - the day the album dropped. We drew inspiration from the original ride signs to influence the design of each track and the creative direction for the album release.

    Dan Brill, Payman Kassai, Simon Niedermeier (Unfun Studio), Michael Seibert (Unfun Studio), Wolfgang Schöffel (Unfun Studio), Tara Fraser, Andon Espeseth.

  • We repurposed old Astroworld commercials from the 80's in a teaser film that announced the release date of the album.