Brand Identity for event agency

    family event agency
  • The concept of the logo style is to demonstrate that this is the reliable agency with extensive experience in holding high-level events.​​​​​​​
  • Target segments:
    1. Weddings
    2. Anniversaries and family celebrations
    3. Corporate events (growing industries - IT, agricultural business)
  • The name of the agency SEREBRO translates as silver. The main idea was to create not just a ​logo​, but a product with a story.
    The name itself already gives certain associations, and I decided to use them.
    Each silver item has a sample of quality.
    This prompted me to the idea that the name SEREBRO (Silver) itself already carries a clue - that if the sign is associated with the sample mark of silver, or rather, with high-sample silver (and this is England's sterling silver for example) - which will emphasize the focus of the agency on the luxury segment.
  • In France, starting in 1838, the image of Minerva’s profile became a single stigma for all silverware.
    It is also stamped on the silver sample 950, most of which are now considered antiques, given that high-level test is considered to be 925 standards (sterling silver standard)

  • Thus, the goddess Minerva was chosen as an additional character for the agency's corporate style.
    An example is a souvenir in the form of a silver coin.

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