Royal Caribbean | Two70 AR

  • Above: Crossbow
    Below: Crossbow WIP
  • Above: Final target in engine- Client wanted to push the design to be more like a Mayan calendar. This target hasĀ 3 levels of destruction.
    Below: WIP Target
  • Zbrush polygroups
  • Summit of Light

    Connect all the beams of light into key gems as you work your way to the summit. The green parts of the mirror light up when they're activated.
  • Procedural Terrain Generator (Houdini and Substance)

    The tool takes any input geometry and generates a high poly mesh, low poly mesh for the game engine, auto unwraps UVs, and populates geometry with foliage on upward facing polys.
  • 4k shader
  • Process

  • Example outputs